KPMG Bursaries South Africa 2017 – 2018



KPMG is an international organisation offering tax, audit and advisory services to clients around the globe. Founded in 1987, the name “KPMG” originates from the merging partners: KMG (Klynveld Main Goerdeler) and Peat Marwick. Today, KPMG has an employee base of over 162 000 people around the world.


KPMG have 2 bursary opportunities for students studying towards becoming a SAICA accredited Chartered Accountant, or CAs(SA). The Pure Merit Bursary will be awarded based on academic results alone, and the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs will be awarded based on academic results and financial position. Both of these bursaries will be awarded to students with great academic results.

Applicants should only apply for one bursary award. You should apply for the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs if you require full student funding and would not be able to complete your studies without extra financial support.

The bursary will be awarded on condition that the recipient maintains their academic achievements throughout the duration of study. On completion of studies, the student will be required to serve a 3 year training contract.


Applicants satisfy the following criteria before applying:

  • Studying a SAICA recognised degree,
  • Studying at a SAICA recognised tertiary institution,
  • Studying full-time,
  • Complete the degree in the minimum number of years,
  • Must achieve a minimum academic average of 65% for Financial accounting (60% for third year and 50% for CTA),
  • Must achieve a minimum total average of 65% for the 4 major subjects (Auditing, Tax, Financial accounting and Management accounting) (60% for third year and 55% for CTA).



Applications must be done online at:

Before applying for a bursary, applicants must first be considered for a training programme (via the link above).



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